Labor Day Weekend Recap

6 Sep

Happy Monday Tuesday! Weird. But I like it. Four days work weeks? Yes, please!

Can you believe we are already into September? I double checked the date three times today.

Back to the weekend. Much like the Fourth of July, we stayed home to work on some projects around the house. Having a house sure is a lot of work, and it was move-in ready. But, there are several projects we want to tackle to improve, update or just make the house our own.

I also wanted to stay close by because I’m on bump alert! My sister is due on the 9th of September, but I am not roaming too far away in case the call comes in!

In between the work, we wanted to enjoy the weekend as well. On Friday night we started the weekend at BW3 with friends watching the MSU football home opener. I love the fall, but the fall at Michigan State is on a whole nother level. The brick buildings set on acres of land filled with gorgeous trees and green, green grass. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats it. Ok, add in the tailgating and then you’re really talking!

Saturday started with a run that about killed me. The weather was comfortable at 72 degrees, but the humidity was 90 percent. I wanted to stop, but pushed through. 6 miles, done!

We spent the afternoon visiting with our friends and godson running around the house, playing, laughing, eating Teddy Grahms. That afternoon more work ensued including multiple trips to Home Depot.

Sunday started with an awesome spin. I do mean awesome. Amiee T is the best instructor; full of energy, great tunes and brings a full-on sweat-sesh to every class. I left drenched. But when I got home, I was greeted by my husband and his famous omelette! SCORE! (This is the definition of balance.)

The afternoon included another trip to the HD (I think that was #5 of the weekend) for more supplies. We wrapped-up and headed out to an evening at the ball park to cheer on the Tigers.

The Tigers spanked the White Soxs 18-1! Sweeeeep! It was awesome.

We spent Monday going on a bike ride to breakfast, running errands and finishing up our weekend project.

Overall, it was a very productive weekend with some house work, Europe prep and fun mixed in.  I’ll tell you, I am ready for a full-blown vacation, though. We’ve spent a few long weekends at home, and I do love, love, love our house. But, it will be nice to fly off to Italy and leave everything behind for a few weeks.

Hope you all had a great weekend!




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