First Halloween at Ravina

1 Nov

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Nothing beats the sounds of kids running through the leaves, the pumpkins lit on the porch and the smells of fall.

Yesterday I felt like a kid again. And no, I did not go trick or treating, but it was the first Halloween in our new house! I was giddy all day.

We were told to be ready for the kiddies, so I stocked up on candy, invited over our friends, stuck Henry in a costume and were ready for the night to begin!

We started with some wine, beer, pitas and hummus and edamame while the trick or treaters came to get their goods. After the ‘rush’ was done (umm, we clocked in at a mere 30 kiddies), it was time for pizza and salad. I picked an easy menu so we could eat and be handing out candy….I guess that wasn’t necessary. Bummer.

But, we did have a great time with Henry!

I look like a fool, a fool I say.

Henry got a special treat, too!

Trick or treat for everyone!

It was a little quiet, but a great night hanging with our friends. They graciously dropped us off and picked us up from the airport when we went to Europe, so we were able to thank them and give them their gift! I also loved spending the first Halloween in our new home – making memories people. 😉

I also received a text from my sister saying pictures of my new niece, Natalie were being posted soon to her blog (yes, this kid is not even two months old and has a blog. A kid after my own heart.). She had several outfit changes but here was my absolute favorite; Natalie and Ali. 🙂

The new family.

Ugh, they are the cutest stinking family. I heart them.

As I came out of my own candy corn induced coma, I realized that today is November 1st! Hubs left me a note this morning to remember how awesome this month is:

Aww, love him. (Side note, we celebrate the first day of every month as that is the day we started dating and got married.) Let’s get this month started!!

Did you have a fun Halloween? How much candy were you left with?




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