November Rules

3 Nov

Happy November one and all!

I love this month…ok, I’m biased as it is my birthday month. But, I also love:

  • to see the seasons change
  • the snow comes and I actually like it at this point (dont ask me in February)
  • warm, cozy sweaters and boots come out of storage
  • holiday decorations come out
  • just the thought of Thanksgiving makes me smile
  • did I mention my birthday? 🙂
  • this is the time of year we get to spend extra time with the ones we love

I am also very ready to move past October. It was a great month with our trip to Europe, but some other not so great things happened and all I know is time heals all wounds, so we are moving on to November!

I am also excited as it is time to get back into the swing of things with exercise. Ever since completing my 10 Miler in September, I have been back and forth on the running front. I love to run, but it takes up a lot of time to train for races and knowing me, I will get the itch to race the second I start back with the miles. However, the winter is not the best time to be a runner in the Mitten state.

So, for now I am committing to working out…whatever that means. I will get up and move, be healthy and do my best. Some days that might mean yoga, others spinning and some running. I might work out four days a week, others six. And that is ok.




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