What I’m Loving Wednesdays (A Day Little Late)

11 Nov

Happy, happy Thursday to all!

I know this is titled “What I’m loving Wednesdays” but hey, good things come to those who wait. Or, in my case, those who aren’t expecting it.

Last night, I was pooped thanks to a two-day work event that went into the wee hours. All I wanted was some dinner, QT with my boys and to watch two of my favorite shows; Happy Endings and Modern Family. When I crawled into bed I was horrified to learn that my regularly scheduled programming was being interrupted. What, what, what?! For the CMAs?! This was throwing my lovely night off in a serious way. Just before I was about to push the DVR button in hopes of finding some GG or RHWOBH, I caught a few min of the show. Call me crazy, or maybe due to my slight love of Carrie Underwood, but I was hooked. I ended up watching for two hours. Not bad.

Seriously, can I have her legs, please?!

Other things I’m loving:

My new iPhone case courtesy of Ms. Spade. Beautious.

My new work phone, the Droid Incredible 2. Seriously loving this thing. Can hardly believe I am saying that..but, it’s true.

Red cups. Why do these make me so giddy?! Also, love when the hubs surprises me with one for no reason at all. ::Brownie Points::

Amazon fulfilling my need for new reads. Can’t wait to crack into them ALL.

And finally, my favorite thing is my niece who is celebrating her eight-week birthday. Love this little thing. 🙂

P to the S – Guess what I spotted? SNOW! Yes, the first little white fluffs made their appearance yesterday. Luckily, they didn’t stick so I can say that I enjoyed the experience. But I have a funny feeling that is not the last we will see of them.




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