Knocking off the To-dos

13 Nov

Hello all and welcome back to the work week. Well, at least for me. I got to enjoy an extra day off yesterday. ::Bonus::

I had a fantastic weekend. Phil and I have been working very, very hard on the house but it’s when I can see that hard work come to fruition that I feel oh so good.

On Friday night, I started off the weekend with my first spin class in weeks. It was not pretty folks.I think the instructor was channeling Jillian Michaels because this foo was not messing around. I left the class a sweaty hot mess and loved it.

Phil and I spent the rest night watching the Spartans take on the Tar Heals on the ___.

A nice quiet night = very productive mornings! Time to tackle the To-Do list. First stop; HD. I know, I can’t get enough of this place.

We also spent some QT at Crate and Barrel looking for new furniture.


And went to brand my new baby. 🙂


And finally, searching for a new suit. Phil has a very casual work environment and doesn’t wear business suits at all. Recently, we’ve had a big need for a suit in part to weddings and funerals. But, the final push to get a new suit? My holiday party at work. Luckily we found a suit and had it ordered in less than an hour! Score. And it was on sale. Double score!


All in all it was a very productive and fun day.

On Sunday I got in a run and yoga class with my favorite instructor. When I returned home I found the guest bedroom done and ready for some furniture and decorating. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing just that and a little crafting.

While the hubs headed off to work Monday am, Henry and I stayed in bed watching Sex and the City and cleaning out magazines. Does anyone else let their stack get rediculously OOC or is it just me?

Then the bad news hit, one last To-Do; I had to go to the Secretary of State. Boo. I arrived at 12:30pm (dumb) and waited an hour and a half to update my info, get tabs and take my glam shot. Almost as bad as going to the doctor.

I swung next door to Panera for some lunch when my phone rang – Phil was coming home early! Yay! We spent the afternoon taking in a movie and going to dinner.

I can hardly believe everything we accomplished. Sometimes you head out with the best of intentions and come home empty handed. But not this weekend. And, the latest house update will make an apperance on the blog soon! I love it! Our house is coming together.

Hope you’re all having a great day!




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