Pinetrest Happy

13 Nov

I’ve been hit by the crafting bug. Lots of projects are happening around the house this weekend, but here’s a sneak-peak at my Pinetrest inspired art.


If you are fan of PB Fingers like me, you may have seen this project.

All you need is a three-hole frame (which I had), maps and red yarn. I made a copy of three spots that are important I’m my relationship with Phil; Defiance (where we met), Las Vegas (where we got engaged), and Petoskey (where we hot married).

Then, decide on your shapes (I did a heart, ring and then bands) and draw on with a pencil. Take your string and sew along the line. I was nervous that the paper would rip, but it held up fine.

When all was said and done, I had this great picture for under $3!! (.33 cent string and $1.75 for needles.) What a deal!

More deets to come soon along with an update on the house!

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday.




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