Birthday Hangover

22 Nov

Holy moly, Batman welcome to Tuesday! I am not sure if it was the crazy good times I had this past weekend or what, but I am spent. This morning’s wake-up call was not pretty to say the least.

Yesterday, I got to ring in the big 2-9. It really wasn’t scary…probably save that for next year. But after a fantastic party and weekend, I was feeling good about this new year.

The day was filled with special cards left around for me to find, texts, phone calls, cards, tweets, posts – it was overwhelming and filled my heart. But, I have to say, Natalie may have stole the show again

I mean, come on. The cutest.

Since I was pretty partied out and was in a funk thanks to some work issue, I was not in much of a mood to go out and celebrate. I put the kabosh on the orignigal dinner date and asked for beer and a burrito. Of course, hubs was happy to oblige. 😉

Once upon a time this dream boat ate a four-pound burrito. Who wouldn’t want to recreate that on their birthday?

New fro-yo place with Cake Batter?! Happy birthday to me!

And now, a deep thought from BalancingB – If there is one thing I learned this birthay it is that gifts, money, fancy dinner and such certainly are nice, but there is something to be said for a house full of family and friends.  And even more so, your house, your very first house with your amazing husband – little can compare. Wow, a year older and so much wiser 😉

Thank you all for the b-day love!




One Response to “Birthday Hangover”

  1. Laura @ scribbles and sass November 22, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    Ahh! Happy Birthday, my dear! I am glad to know you had a great day and you celebrated the way you wanted even if it wasn’t the original plan.

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