Turkey Makes Me Crazy!

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving one and all and Black Friday for those of you who are slightly loco in la cabeza. We spent the turkey holiday with my in-laws this year just over an hour north. Though I had original plans to partake in the Detroit Turkey Trot, we had to hustle up north so it was not in the cards this year. So, rather than trot, I got my tail feathers to the gym for a 90 min spin with the psycho spin instructor who turns the room into a club (no joke, thumping music and strobe light at 8am…HELLO!). But, it felt oh-so-good. I scooted home, showered and we hit the road.


Turkey day was fantastic filled with family, food and the Lions game. Sure they lost, but it was fun to actually cheer for them without feeling lame.

I don’t know about you guys, but I never eat a big meal at Thanksgiving. Prob because I hate half of the dishes that are traditional; stuffing, green bean casserole and gravy…yuck! I know, I’m an odd one. Oh well, I always have room for desert that way and never need to unbutton my pants 😉

Dinner was a little early so everyone could hit up round two at other locations. However, we had a full night of relaxing on the books. It was awesome – I adore my mother in law and love spending hours chatting away with her. She never fails to make me laugh and feel as though all is right with the world. Everyone could use a dose of Kathy G.

This morning I woke up and cracked open my book before I was completely conscious. I’m completely obsessed with Catching Fire, I can’t put it down! I did manage to read for a half hour and then show my face for some coffee. Kathy G suggested going out for some brunch and to hit up the local bakery so I could stock up on their amazing bread. It was a glorious morning.

After brunch we came home to tackle the basement. Phil and I still have some boxes in my MILs basement that we need to clean out. I managed to get a pile to donate and filled the trunk with the rest to go through this weekend.

We hit the road and made it home in decent time despite the heavy traffic.  I was feeling really tired, but then something came over me, in a serious way. Like a maniac I decided to get a huge burst of energy and tackle a few items on the to do list.

It all started with some laundry, unpacking, and picking up odds and ends. Then I decided to clean all three bathrooms. I realized the day was getting away from me, so once I was done, I changed and got ready for my run. The weather was crazy nice – hello Indian Summer Winter.

Once again my ambition got the best of me and my 3 mile run turned into 5. Hey, you’ll never regret running extra miles!

When I got home I got yet another burst of energy and tackled the kitchen – nothing was left untouched:

  • washed baking dishes
  • unloaded dishwasher
  • washed Christmas decor vases
  • tore apart and cleaned every inch of the fridge (ok, I can’t get it back together quite right..oops!)
  • scrubbed the stove

It was a bit unreal. After a hot shower and dinner, I’m finally sitting for the first time today but getting ready to do one more thing on the list. Honestly, it is a bit concerning how much energy I have had today.

How was everyone’s turkey day? Hope you’re enjoying your friends, family and leftovers. 🙂




One Response to “Turkey Makes Me Crazy!”

  1. christina December 2, 2011 at 10:07 am #

    omg please give me the dog.

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