You Never Know What’s Around the Corner

29 Nov

Just another manic Monday over in my neck of the woods. I was in a stink of a mood and managed to talk myself into a tizzy prompting me to bail on the gym and head straight home.

When I turned the corner to my street I spotted a rather cute boy working on my house! Not only was he working, he was making my day – hanging our Christmas lights! Be still my heart.

Sure the guy lied to me when I had called earlier to say he was putzing around the house. But I can forgive him this time. Love surprises!!

My mood instantly turned. We had a moment standing in the front yard hugging, taking in the sight of our new home all dressed up for the holidays – beauteous.



Sorry for the rough pics- I whipped out the iPhone to capture the moment.

After some dinner, I marched myself upstairs, changed and gave myself a pep talk – I had committed to the gym, it was time to go.

My favorite yoga class is at 8pm which makes it difficult to attend; by that time of night I want to be curled up on the couch. But, I went. And it was the best decision.

The yoga instructor taught such a great class. And the best part? Class was set to a holiday sound track including Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Sarah McLaughlin, Mannheim Steamroller, etc. again, my little heart went a flutter. There’s nothing like a good flow to some bells or stretching with a choir in the background. She is going to use this soundtrack for the rest of the year- I’m already excited for next week!

I came home to some Real Housewives and dark chocolate. Yea, the night got better. Love me some Monday!

This morning I was ready to keep my mood going and recommit to my workouts. I woke up before my alarm (who am I?!) and hit up the gym for a good old run.

It’s raining buckets here today and is expected to continue through the night and turn to snow. Oh boy, here we go winter.




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