House Update: Spare bedroom

4 Dec

Thanks to some traveling abroad and an unforeseen extended stay up north, we are way off our game with the house updates. Luckily, we don’t have any major renovations, just painting and decorating, but I am Antsy Nancy and want everything locked and loaded like yesterday. Phil is a handy man, no doubt, but I am more of a “throw some money at the situation and call it a day” kind of girl. 🙂 As with any relationship, we compromised and I gave in as this is a pride situation for Phil – he likes to work on his house. Ok, ok, I get it.

So, we started our next project on the list; spare bedroom #1. Originally, the room was a jungle theme with green walls and an animal print boarder. That had to go. In fact, I ripped down the boarder less than 12 hours after moving in, it was that hideous. 🙂 We aren’t doing much to the room, but thanks to the extra molding and wallpaper, it is taking a few extra days to prep the walls. Phil ripped down the molding, patched, sanded and prepped the walls.

Funny story about the paint. We actually had this EXACT room in our last place, so all we had to do was execute. Phil sent me to Home Depot with a piece of paper with the color on it (we left the can of paint at our old place for the new tenents, you know, to be nice and all). Well, the peeps at the HD were not feeling my ‘note’ and told me I was missing some info. What?! I guess Phil left off some vital info when writing down the color. We tried to mix up something similar and failed miserably…twice. Not good.

We finally called our old place and asked if we could get the paint. Luckily they had it but were out of town. After three days, we finally were able to get our hands on the beloved blue paint.

The recovered paint.

After three weeks, paint hunting, sanding, scraping, and priming and painting we have our room. I am so happy with the final results (I need to find our before pics so you can understand the vast improvement). We still have to decorate and hang pictures on the wall, but it’s really coming together.

The room reminds me of my home, Traverse City with the blue walls and crisp white trim. And we finished just in time for our visitors last weekend. Another projects in the books. Now, what will be next? 😉

Kidding, we’re taking a time-out for the holidays so we can kick back and relax at night, run errands, go to holiday parties and not worry about to-dos. We’ve done so much with our house in six short months, even being gone for four weeks. It’s so exciting to be able to decorate and have your home look the way you always wished you could when you rent.

Stay tuned…many, many more updates to come in the new year!




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