Afternoon Slump Solution

6 Dec

As someone who loves to stay healthy and active, I find myself uber curious about how certain food affect our mood, energy levels and appetite. Eating for fuel is totally different than eating to fill the belly.

A lot of times when we feel a hunger pang, it is easy to reach for the nearest thing whether that’s a piece of candy, bag of chex mix…time is of the essence. But a lot of time, that snack does little to truly help us only filling us up for a short time and in the case of sweets, causing an even larger crash after the goodness wears off.

A new study by the University of Cambridge has found that proteins help perk us up when our energy levels begin to dip.

Researchers from the Department of Pharmacology and Institute of Metabolic Science at Cambridge looked into how dietary nutrients influence and stimulate wakefulness.

Huffington Post

So, what’s one to do when the afternoon slump hits? Try grabbing some protein – the power of protein provides a sustainable energy boost that will  push you through the rest of your day. Reach for some nuts (love almonds), eggs, yogurt (greek is best), peanut butter (spread on an apple, celery or sandwich thing), or even some string cheese. Throw these goodies in your bag or keep a stash in your desk drawer to power you through.

Another great benefit? There are a ton of healthy and heart-healthy protein options that far beat out the pop tarts in the vending machine keeping your waist-line in check. Have to love that!

Happy snacking!




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