Learning to Exhale

10 Dec

Happy weekend! Before I get too far into this post I want to thank everyone for your sweet, supportive words. It was difficult to write my last post, but it felt good to get that off of my chest.

On Friday night I called Phil on the way home and told him I was all about reprioritizing. Adios gym, hello date night. We hit up a restaurant that we have been wanting to try out for months and it did not disappoint. After a long relaxing dinner, Phil asked if I wanted to keep going down the road and see what we stumbled upon. Well, we stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall that serves more beer than I have ever seen in my life. This is half of the wall of beer.



Some of the taps.


When you belly up to the bar, they give you a binder of all of the beer they have available. It is kind of cool and I am not a beer girl. We will be sure to return.

Saturday morning started so nice and cozy, I didn’t want to get up. But, I had some things on the to-do list so I kissed the boys good-bye and headed out.


After a trip to the gym, I scooted over to Aveda for my facial. The MSU Skating Team got me a gift certificate last year for Christmas that I still had not put to use. I decided after the crazy few weeks I’ve gone through, a nice, quiet morning for me was needed.

The girl I had was incredible. She used such yummy smelling products, had nice music and turned down the lights…I zoned out. Ahhh. And in the middle of the treatment you receive a hand massage and after a foot soak and massage. Heaven. I left with a refreshed completion, relaxed mood and a bag of goodies. It was a fantastic morning.

The afternoon was spent gabbing away with every member of my family for hours…it filled my heart to talk with everyone about Christmas and catch up.

Staying in my relaxed zone, Phil and I decided to watch the end of a show we are totally addicted to. My sister told me that her mother in law watched a show called Harper’s Island. It is a 13 episode mystery that is super scary and a thriller. There were several times I had to look away thanks to some blood baths, but the series was awesome. Each episode is around 40 min so we’ve been plugging away during the week, but yesterday we sat down for the final three episodes and to finally figure out the mystery of the killer! It was awesome!!

Today, I decided to give myself a break. My relaxing day yesterday showed me that I have been on intense mode with my emotions and reactions flying high. Rather than run off to catch spin or go for a run, I said forget it. Today is our last weekend day in the house before Christmas. The coming weeks bring a lot of travel (New York, up north), lots of work, parties, girl’s nights and errands. I stayed put in my cozy house where I have spent the day eating brunch with a side of Christmas Vacation, taking Henry on a walk, baking up a storm

and decorating the house.

Taking some pressure off of myself to feel a certain way, be in the holiday spirit, keep going at 100 mph was not working. I am tired, sad and not there. Backing off actually feels good. It is like when I go for a run and I’m huffing and puffing wondering how much longer, but if I pull back, just a bit, I suddenly hit my stride and can go for miles. I guess I just needed to give myself a break – and low and behold, I hit my stride.




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