Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

15 Dec

Yesterday, I had a big day. A big, big day. I headed to the Big Apple for a 24 hr work trip.

The morning started out nice and rainy, but coffee makes everything better.



After attempting to check into my hotel, I was turned away for an hour and decided to make the most of it…hello, Sushi Samba!Ever since the ladies on S&TC hit this hot spot, I have been secretly lusting for my own experience.

My lunch included the AMAZING Pacific roll.

Pacific king crab, avocado, asian pear, soy paper, wasabi-avocado crema on the side.


20111215-061813.jpgAnd edamame with sea salt and lime. I have eaten a lot of this beautiful pod, but the lime was an unexpected delicious twist. Taking this trick with me.


I snapped a few photos on the way back to the hotel – sneaking in any time with the city while I could!!


Grand Central Station

I also passed by this little land mark, Crumbs! Although they looked so, so, good, I passed and enjoyed from a far. Hey, window shopping comes in handy for sweets, too.



I spent the rest of the day and night attending an event for work. I was lucky enough to go to the book launch for Andrea Kates’ Find Your Next. Dr. Gail Saltz (Today Show and Oprah correspondent), Sean Moffitt (Wikibrands) and Nick Pudar (OnStar) were on the panel. It was a wonderful evening full of great, stimulating and insightful conversations and networking. OK, the deep fried mac and cheese was a highlight at well. 😉


The evening went a little later than expected thanks to a trip to Monkey Bar, but it was for my job, I do what I have to do.

This morning started with a great run and walk to Starbucks in the beautiful 50 degree weather. I wish I could have stayed all day and walked the city, the weather was so, so perfect and I was beyond bummed to miss the tree at Rockefeller as it is one of my favorite holiday experiences.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts at a good morning (good run, oatmeal, rocking my favorite boots, running EARLY), my day took a bad, bad turn when I got on the plane. After sitting on the runway for 1.5 hrs, we finally took off to only to sit on the runway once we arrived back in Detroit. My frustration was through the roof. I knew I should have stayed in the Big Apple. 😉

Despite the quickest trip in history, I felt like I had a great experience in NY because I made my time count. I knew I wanted to visit Sushi Samba, so I made an effort to go and enjoyed every yummy bite. I also decided to walk the entire time vs. cabbing it to take in all of the decorations and lights. The city is so beautiful this time of year, I wanted to stay forever, but instead, I soaked in every little minute I had.

As we move into the holiday season, I think this is the best attitude to have when approaching all of the to-dos, parties, gift lists and stress that comes this time of year. Focus on what is important to you and be present in the moment. Our lives are busy, but this time of year is when we need to do the opposite and put on the breaks, slow down and enjoy the magic of the season.




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