Finding Balance During the Holidays

19 Dec

I don’t know about you, but I always get overwhelmed this time of year. I love the holiday season, but I hate what it does to my routine.

The holiday season just seems so busy!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be busy, but only to an extent. When I get too busy, I get stressed and start to lose focus on what is important and instead have negative feelings.

The holiday stress list can be endless:

-Fitting in workouts
-Purchasing gifts
-Sugar over load

This is the time of year that people love to make excuses (me included). However, here are my five tips to maintain balance through the most stressful part of the year.


With so much going on this time of year from obligations, to wants to to-dos it is easy to become overwhelmed and find yourself loathing this time of year. Not good. Part of what makes the holidays wonderful is the joy that comes from the little things. Find what makes you happy whether that means hitting up every party or skipping most to stay home and cuddle on the couch. We all have things that make us happy, make us tick, make us feel fulfilled. Identify what that means for you. I love driving around to see the decorated houses, baking and spending a long weekend with my family – everything else is a bonus.

Take it All in Stride

There is a lot going on this time of year, this is not the time to attempt to be a Martha. This is one point that I have to remind myself on – I am a sucker for the beautifully decorated homes, picture perfect dinners, cookie platters, outfits and parties. I want it all and to do it all with a smile on my face. But, I will burn something. I will forget to purchase a gift or even leave it at home. But, that’s ok. Luckily your friends and family love you for you – don’t forget it.

Don’t Neglect Your Workouts, as Much as You Want to

A great way to stay balanced? Stick to some ‘normalcy’ and working out is a great way to keep a routine in your day. Making a promise to get in a sweat every day is a commitment to yourself during a time of year when we are giving so much of ourselves. Take one hour. You deserve it…and, you’ll thank yourself.

Live in the Moment – Soak it in

This time of year is magical, live in the moment. Be there. Laugh and enjoy your friends and family. Put down the phone, stop tweeting, texting, blogging…life will be there tomorrow. Promise.

Get Some Sleep and Take Care of Yourself

Sleep is so important to keeping our bodies working at full capacity, letting our body and mind rest and allowing ourselves to relax. We need to remember that balance is key – if you need another hour of sleep over the gym, do it. Listen to your body. Or, if you are over doing it on the goodies, make the effort to hit the gym. Take care of yourself; you know what you need to keep yourself functioning at your maximum fabulousness! And let’s be honest, that is what the holidays are all about – a little fabulocity and glitz that makes life cheery and bright.

So, let your beautiful self shine. Keep in mind what makes you, you. Enjoy your friends, family and a special cocktail or two.

What does your balance look like this holiday season?




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