Getty Up Broncos!

27 Dec

Ah, it felt good to wake up in my own house yesterday morning. And when I looked outside, I saw a blanket of white- our first snow!

I knew right then that the steady stream of snow was better enjoyed inside than out and called it a rest day. The morning was enjoyed with a big pot o coffee, Christmas lights, laundry and organizing/unpacking from the weekend.

Around 10 I tried to take Henry on a walk, but he wasn’t feeling it. We made a quick 20 min loop and called it good.

Despite the quiet morning, we had plans for the day. Phil’s alma mater was playing on the Pizza Bowl (yes, there is such a thing) at Ford Field. We headed down to Motor city casino for the tailgate with our friend and Bronco alum, Chad.

Following some typical tailgate fare, we headed to the stadium. I enjoy collegiate football, but even more so when the stadium is indoors!


Unfortunately, the Broncos lost 37-32, but it was a great game and really fun to cheer on Phil’s team. It was also cool to see Ford Field, it was my first time at the stadium and I was very impressed. Bathrooms for every section, yes, please!

I have a few items on the old agenda today since yesterday was far from productive. Phil is working, so it’s just Henry and me today. I foresee a lot of time on Pintrest as I am looking for inspiration for a few rooms in the house.




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