What You Don’t Know Could Be Best

10 Jan

While was away in Las Vegas my husband had a few ambitious goals including some demolition.

Every month Phil and I tackle another project around the new house (keeps me feeling productive and not overwhelming my crew). 🙂 this month I wanted to take on our entrance way (off of the garage) and laundry room.

A few weeks go we picked out some new tile and paint – and then a light bulb went off. My house was about to be turned upside down (washer and dryer in the kitchen), so we decided to postpone the chaos until I was away- out of sight, out of mind.

Somehow, in the midst of picking out tile, we found some other tile that I thought would look great in the kitchen – ask and you shall receive.

I took off for Sin City on Saturday and one hour later the ‘crew’ arrived. They worked all weekend and I would occasionally receive picture texts showing me the latest stage. it was sweet how excited Phil was of their progress, but the control freak in me had a difficult time being across the US.




When I returned home Thursday night, I was more than anxious to see the projects with my own eyes. And I have to say, I love them!

I’m so glad we went with the dark tile in the laundry room. It gives the space a little personality.

The kitchen is a bit out dated, but the tile totally makes the space pop. We are planning to get some paint in here and new appliances.


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