Red Coats, Ice and Blue

22 Jan

Well, it finally happened, Mother Nature hit the Mitten Friday night in a serious way. I wrapped up work, hit up Trader Joes and headed home for a quiet evening hibernating. We finally watched Country Strong. Have you seen the movie? I thought it was good, but a few parts didn’t add up. One, why was Gweneth the lead (actress and sings through the whole movie) and her husband was Tim McGraw (singer but never sang). Sooo, why have the dude in the movie at all? And, as much as I like Gwenie, she just didn’t quite fill out the character – I never 100% believed her.

On Saturday, I got up a little early because I knew I was going to face a white abyse.

Ugh. But I stayed focused and made it to spin class. Somehow, the ENTIRE gym parking lot was full at 8am. Who are these crazies? No one was on the road driving there, but pull into the gym and there you will find all the loonies who go out in the bad weather – we really are a different breed. I arrived in the studio to find it packed. (You’ve got to be kidding me?! Dang January Joiners.) The instructor saw me and said there was ONE lone bike left. Score!

When I returned home, Phil was hard at work on the house projects and, despite my fear, I grabbed a paint brush and joined in. We spent all day working away and I somehow ended up adding in another room to the work load. Oops. Ambitious girl. 😉

We were beyond tired (toughest spin class in weeks + hours of labor = spent) but had plans to go out. With thoughts of yummy food dancing in my head, I pulled myself together and faced the bitter cold. Once we arrived at the restaurant, we were informed there was an hour and 45 min wait. Gigga-what? Hells to the no.

Plan B- go for bust. Enter, Red Coat Tavern.

This is a staple in the Detroit area boasting of their delicious burgers made of high-quality ingredients, people drive from miles around to get a bite of this beef. We had yet to experience.

Now, I am not a vegetarian, but I keep my meat intake low, especially red meat. And hamburgers? Fah-get-aboud-it. I know, poor Phil. Usually once or twice a year I get a craving, and Saturday was the night.

On the way over I called ahead and got our name on the list (fool me once…), so we had a big head start once we arrived. Luckily, not so much so that we didn’t have time to belly up to the bar for some drinks and Red Wings.

And then, the magic.

Our bellies were happy.

This morning I rolled out of bed and got a game plan – time to trick the hubs. I am a sucker for downtown events and activities. Phil does ok with them. But this weekend is the annual Plymouth Ice Festival. We love the area and have been frequenting it quiet often thanks to some awesome restaurants and Yogurt Palooza 🙂

So, with the sweetest voice possible…

Me: “Good morning, sweetie! Do you want to get a coffee?”

Phil: “Yea, that sounds great.”

Me: “I think so, too. Do you want to go get some and walk through the ice festival real quick? There won’t be crowds this early?”

Phil: groan

We threw on a few layers and packed in the car.

Since we were being all ‘support the local economy’ we hit up a coffee shop that we’ve been eying for a while.

This place was fantastic! Great coffee and great flavor combos. I can’t wait to go back and try something crazy. Since it was before 9am, the festival was quiet and we were able to actually see the ice sculptures. Usually, this festival is packed. The COC does a great job pulling together events, carving contests, food, etc. But, we’ve seen all of that in years past.

Like magic, we arrived home early enough for me to still hit up my favorite yoga class. It was a beautiful thing. When I got home at noon we sat down to a big old breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent finishing up our projects, relaxing and cooking a tender loin. I know, who am I?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

The big house project reveals to be posted soon.




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