Showing Them the Ropes

29 Jan

This weekend was a very special treat. My brother Shane and his girlfriend Nichole came down to visit and spend some time with is favorite sister 😉 hehe.

They arrived later Friday evening so once they unloaded the car and the pups ran around a bit, we headed to dinner.

We took them to our new favorite hot spot and started with some cocktails. After the longest wait in the history of the world, we finally sat down to eat and catch up.

At this point the boys were fairly tuned up, so we kept going. Naturally.


The night got away from us – but we had a great time. 😉

Speaking of getting away, we slept in until 11am. No joke. I didn’t know my body even remembered how to do that. But man, it felt so, so good.

While I have been working out and running, my half mary training has not started, so I’m enjoying having my Saturday mornings sans long runs for a few more weeks. Oh laziness, you are so delightful.

We got our acts together and were out the door for an afternoon shopping at Somerset. For those of you not from the mitten, Somerset is an amazing three story mall that has a skywalk connecting to the other side (another two stories). It is a full day event. Nichole had never “experienced” Somerset, so it was fun to show her the ropes. 🙂

After a full day of shopping and lunch, we left with full hands and lighter wallets. We went home to pull together some of the best tacos I’ve had in ages.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Oh no. There was one more experience that I had to share with our visitors- Yogurt Palooza!!!



Peanut butter, cake batter and red velvet, oh my. The flavors at this place are the best around (sorry Sweet Earth). And they have some solid toppings from fresh berries to chopped candy bars to cheesecake bites. Ooooh yes.

It was a sweet ending to a great weekend.

This morning I drove four hours north to be with my family. We have had our fair share of loss in the past few months an with another ill family member, we are pulling together once again.


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