What I’m Loving Wednesday – February

1 Feb

Happy February!

I’m so excited that we breezed through Jan with little issues (still no snow here in the mitten, yahoo!).  So, as a tribute to the love month and because it’s leap year, I decided to dedicate WILW to the month at hand!


No, not her. We are talking bright fun colors that are just around the corner in spring. But, pink is the first burst of color we see after a few months of red, green and dreary blacks. Bring on the pops of color!!

Conversation Hearts

I ‘heart’ this candy (haha, get it?). Did you ever write a card using these hearts when you were little? I used to love to use them as part of my conversations. Yes, I am wicked awesome like that.


I am not a sports nut, but we always have a SB party, which I am a fan of :0

Becoming a Godmother

My sister and brother-in-law were drinking one night and asked me to be their daughter’s godmother (and Phil the godfather). We are over the moon excited to be a part of this little girl’s life.

Celebrating a certain someone’s 60th birthday.

I am not naming names, but there will be a milestone to celebrate later in the month!

And of course, Valentine’s Day with my favorite.

What are you looking forward to this month?




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