Best Winter Workout Gear

2 Feb

As we round the corner into mid-winter, a lot of you are taking your workouts outside. But with the dropping temps and new terrain, proper gear is where it’s at.

Women’s Health Magazine recently posted on winter work out gear.

I am sure we all have memories of being a Michelin man as a kid. But that fluff isn’t going to fly when you are hitting the trails for some miles. As a newbie to running, I am taking on winter runs for the first time and feeling my way through. There is quite a science to the layering system.

Best Winter Workout Gear

Fashionable exercise outfits to keep you warm while you work out:

When it’s cold, blood flow is concentrated in your body’s core, leaving your ears, hands, and toes vulnerable to frostbite. Keep ’em covered. Saucony DryLete ponytail headband, $15,

“You can put chains on car tires—these are chains for your shoes!” says Olympian Deena Kastor. Perfect for ice and snow-packed trails. Yaktrax Pro, $30,
Even if you’re hitting the roads, pick a trail shoe built for any surface. Wear warm socks made of a wicking fabric (like wool), suggests Galloway. Mizuno Wave Ascend 6, $100,

Thin, fitted gloves made from a wicking fabric will keep hands dry and hold in heat. Add wind-blocking mittens on frigid days. These gloves have both features.  Sugoi Versa Wind Mitt, $30,
Overdressing in the winter leads to excessive sweating. Wear thin layers you can shed based on the conditions and exercise intensity. This mesh-lined collar provides ventilation as you heat up.Craft thermal top, $100,
On wet and snowy days, a wind-resistant outer shell keeps you protected from the elements but allows excess heat and moisture to escape from the layers underneath. Asics reflector jacket, $90, for store

Look for base layers made from spandex-polyester blends, polypropylene, and merino wool. Unlike cotton, these fabrics wick moisture away from the skin and help regulate your body temperature. Icebreaker LS Rush Crewe, $80,

One lower-body layer is usually all you need. On extra-cold days or when you’re heading to the hills, double up, says Anderson. Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Print Hit Tight, $60,

I am in love with my Nike running tights, Lulu ski band, and Livestrong gloves. What is some gear you rock in the winter months?


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