It’s Not Necessary to Change. Survival is not Mandatory.

3 Feb

Morning and happy Friday, friends!

I don’t know about you, but the end of the week could not come soon enough. Work has been eating me alive and I’m pretty sure my husband has now forgot what I even look like…12 hr work days will do that.

Despite imbalanced work-life, I have been working to stay focused; I am excited about the projects I have taken on and know that this extra work is tough but will be worth it in the end. I’ve also been focusing on getting in my workouts and whole foods. Spending 10 min in the am to throw some produce, greek yogurt and nuts into a bag is a life saver for your blood sugar can become a stand-in lunch (or dinner).

I also pushed myself to try hot yoga. Everything you have heard is true; it’s hot and it’s awesome. I love me some yoga (practicing for four years now), but was always intimidated by the added ‘heat’ when infact, it makes the workout that much better. You can get into your pose deeper and your stretch capacity is increased as well. I’m so glad I finally got over my fear.

And then I came home to this at 9:40 last night.

I guess we are moving on to our next project.

If one thing is for sure, Phil is a mover and a shaker, it’s tough to keep up at times. But, letting go of what was and opening up to the possibility of new experiences, whether that be a new project, workout or home remodel brings an excitement and sense of fulfillment that is incomparable.

What has been your hardest or most rewarding change? Little or small, they all make a big impact.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!




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