Packing it All In

4 Feb

Last night Phil and I had plans to actually see each other. Thanks to my long work days and his early mornings, I have not seen this man all week. We felt like a little QT together might be good for our relationship and all.

We decided to try out a new-to-us local restaurant, Rocky’s. The restaurant is beautiful with modern decor, a large fireplace and raw bar.

They also have a seasonal menu with fresh specialty items. Phil and I were sold on our dinners within seconds of reading menu. We started with the house salad that was much like a TC salad, but the dressing was noteworthy; strawberry maple vinagerette. Yum!

Phil ordered the Chicken Oscar. The shrimp & crab cake was outstanding (it is buried under the chicken)!

I ordered the swordfish with avocado creme. This was so, so good. The steak was grilled, so the creamy sauce was a perfect compliment.

Being the dessert nuts that we are, Phil couldn’t turn down the puff pastry with Saunder’s hot fudge. Believe it or not, I didn’t touch one drop of this plate. Not quite as surprising, Phil ate the ENTIRE sweet treat.

————————————————————————————————Today has been all about tackling the neglected house, laundry and errands. While I worked inside, Phil went to work outside cleaning the three cars. The wacky weather has brought us low 40s today in the Mitten.

Around noon I saddled up for my five miler, I got it done, but I would say that this was my first ‘bad’ run. Despite rounding a year at it, I’ve never really had a bad go, until today. Ah well.

I cleaned up, made some lunch for the hubs and myself and popped some of these in the oven (I know, I’m so domestic).

And now I’m off- there are lots of errands to tackle including goodies for upcoming birthdays, baptisms and valentines day!

Catch ya later!


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