It’s Here!!

5 Feb

It’s here! The Superbowl? Nope.

MSU vs. U of M rematch? No.

Our new chair? YEEEESSS! After 10 weeks of impatiently waiting, our chair finally arrived. Hoooray!

I unwrapped the chair like a kid on Christmas morning, let me at that thing. And then I realized I had to help carry this beast into the house. (Arm workout for the day, done.) The first door we tried didn’t quite work out, so we carried it to door number two and had a winner. Thank god. Can you imagine if after all of this time it didn’t go through the door?! Lordy.

Henry decided to help, too.

This looks like a good spot.

For now it has taken the place of our Christmas tree, but I am not feelin’ the feng shui of the room. But, that will have to wait for another day because we are b-u-s-y today. We started with the standard Sunday breakfast and then hung up a few pictures. Just as we were about to start busting out some paint, I asked to go on a walk; the sun is shinning and I need some relaxation at some point in my life.

So, with some coffee in hand, we headed out to a local trail with the pup.

We headed home to get ready; with MSU basketball at one and a Superbowl party at our friend’s house this afternon, we are on the move again.

Ok, lets get real for a minute. I am not a big football fan and am frankly not that interested, but I’m game for a party.

Not to mention I can spend a few hours watching these two run around. (I’m a Brady girl, hands down.)

Who are you rooting for? If you don’t have a team playing today, how do you pick? Colors, cuties?

Hope you have a great Superbowl Sunday.




One Response to “It’s Here!!”

  1. Carli February 5, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Love the chair! It looks big and comfy – I think you both can fit in it.

    Oh, and I choose by colors!

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