A Nutty Good Time

18 Feb

We constantly hear about eating for our health, that certain foods contain some awesome goodies (nutrients) that will help imporove our skin, hair, heart, the list goes on and on. One of my favorite healthy foods is the almond. With all of it’s healthy fats and cameleon-like ways, it goes from breakfast to snacks to milk to faux coating for chicken. The almond is a wonderful thing, and thanks to it being national almond day last week, I thought I would share some of my favorite nutty goodies.

Blue Diamond Natural Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze
This beverage is not only derived from almonds, but it’s also the best milk swap EVER. It’s our go-to choice for guilt-free lattes and oversized oatmeal bowls. An entire cup has just 40 calories and 3.5g fat (PointsPlus® value 1*). Find it with the shelf-stable milk products and (sometimes) in the refrigerated section.

100-Calorie Packs of Almonds

Totally essential for emergency snacking. Companies like Blue Diamondand Emerald make these nut packs in fun flavors and  basic varieties too. My absolute favorite are the Cocoa coated nuts…come to momma!!
All Natural Almond Accents
This line of delicately sliced almonds is the best and easiest way to add nutty goodness to anything, from coatings to salad toppers. There’s a ton of varieties, from Butter Toffee Glazed to Tomato Basil to basic Oven Roasted No Salt.
Justin’s Almond Butter Packets
There are many almond butters out there. However, since it’s SO easy to overdo it with nut butters, Justin’s single-serving packagesare pretty much a dream come true. How could it get better? The almond butter comes in FOUR flavors — Classic, Chocolate, Honey, and Maple. The standard 2-tbsp. packets have 180 – 200 calories and 14 – 18g fat, and the Maple version also comes in smaller packets with 90 calories and 7g fat each. Mmmmm…Lisanatti Foods The Original Almond Cheese Alternative
Cheese made from almonds? Yup, it’s a thing. And an ounce has just 50 – 63 calories and 1 – 3g fat… plus a gram of fiber. If you’re searching for flavorful cheese that brings less fat to your foods, try this!

Many of these delicious nut-packed bars contain almonds. There’s Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants, Almond & Coconut, Almond & Apricot, and more. Each of those three flavors has 190 – 210 calories and 11 – 13g fat  per bar. KIND also has mini bars with almonds — 107 – 115 calories and 6 – 8g fat each (PointsPlus® value 3*). Are we blowing your mind? Maybe you should have a snack…


What are some of your favorite nutty goodies? Not a nut fan? Whats the most diverse food you eat?




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