Back to Basics

18 Feb

Working out can be a love/hate relationship. It is easy to start out with the best intentions and enthusiasm only to find that fall to the way side thanks to boredom or lack of results.

Despite my love for being healthy and active – I realized that I had fallen into this category. I was becoming less and less motivated to workout, putting in less effort when going and seeing my visits dwindle trying to hold at 4x a week.

When I stepped back and thought about what was happening, I realized my lack of a plan. A lot of times we set a goal and then break it down by steps we need to take to accomplish said goal. And there in lies my problem, I have no goal. I have some races slated for the summer and fall months, but no training plan to follow. I was running a few miles here, a few there, it was all hit or miss.

While I love running, I find it much easier to stay motivated when I can work towards a race, setting a PDR or PR.

But to be honest, I really love other forms of working out just as much. I love Round Robin (20min x 3 cardio machines), spinning, yoga, Pilates and my weights dvds. My schedule used to incorporate all of these forms of workouts over 5-6 days and I NEVER got bored because I had such variety and challenge myself every week to hit another goal.

So, while I’m in my limbo stage I have decided to go back to my WO roots. I still run about twice a week, but no long runs. There will be plenty of strict training just around the corner and I will be dying to be a rebel and skip a run for a bout on the ol’ elliptical. And you know what? I’ve felt really good this week. Every single day I got up at 5:30 to get in my workout.

It just goes to show that when you enjoy what you do, you are more prone to stick with it.

What are your motivation tips? How do you stay in the game?




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