What I’m Loving Wednesday

22 Feb

Hola burritos,

Hope you’re all doing well out there. Can you believe February has come and gone and we are half way into March?! This year is flying by.

Its been a few weeks since I did a WILW post and I have some fun new finds to share. So, here we go!



Last week I was trying to fight off a nasty bug and found my energy low. Rather than pass on working out, I opted to increase my yoga practice vs. five mile runs. Turns out, you can still get a good workout and stretch, and not feel like a total waste of space.

Smash. I fought this show for a few weeks and then finally gave in while sick in bed. I’m hooked. The story line and singing is phenomenal. I really wanted to hate this Glee rip-off, but it’s no where near the pop songs of high schoolers. Think behind the scenes of Wicked.

In other exciting news, Betheney is back! I cannot get enough of this tell-it-like-it-is girl. She is smart, honest and opens up about her fears and anxiety – making her relatable and downright funny.

I ADORE prizes (Definition: gifts, packages, orders that I know are coming but still bring me such joy).

First up, my Blogger Valentine package arrived a few weeks back and I forgot to mention it! The box came stuffed full of goodies including some of my favorite snacks and a cute new mug, cute pens, nail polish and lots of healthy snacks!

I also receive my first purchase from iherb. I only ordered products or flavors that were new to me that I have been dying to try making this package extra special.

PB2 x2

Spring Clothes.

I went a big hog wild last weekend on my shopping trip, but I am loving my new waredrobe filled with bright, fun colors.


What are you loving this week?




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