Birthdays, Baptisms and Bugs

24 Feb

Hi peanuts!

Sorry for being so MIA – it’s been a doozie of a week, which I anticipated hence my scheduled blog posts. Unfortunately, all of them posted on the same day. So, you all were bombarded with posts and then were left high and dry for five days. Ah technology, you are a tricky little devil.

So, let’s play catch up. Pull up a chair, grab some coffee and lets chat.

Last Friday I headed up north for a big weekend for the family; a 60th birthday party and baptism.

The Dilloway children (Lindsay, Shane and myself) have been working to coordinate plans from meals, activities and treats over the three days. My mom is a huge fan of cake – she had a new cake every day that weekend.  Sure, the one on Sunday had Natalie’s name, but three cakes rolled through our house. Ooof.

We kicked off the festivities Saturday am with a Teensie Toes Party for the ladies at the Grand Traverse Spa.

Clearly, we didn’t have any fun.


We had a ball drinking, picking colors, chatting – I love these girls.

Afterwards we grabbed the boys and babe and went to lunch at a favorite local restaurant. The afternoon was spent running a few errands and visiting Grandma. (I will leave out the part where I had to go work for two hours.)

Dinner was a feast of the birthday girl’s favorites from filets to sweet potato risotto, we were feasting like kings with bubbly to top it off. Happy 60th birthday, Mom!!

Sunday, Madre’s actual birthday, was another special day – Natalie’s baptism. Lindsay and Phil asked Phil and me (don’t get confused, we are both married to Phils) to be Natalie’s godparents (best news ever), so we got ourselves up and around and headed to the church to meet with the Pastor. I guess they take this stuff seriously.

Natalie was baptised during service and slept through the entire thing. Seriously, this kid is perfection, she will make my future children look like maniacs.

We stayed around for a photo-shoot and then headed out to lunch to celebrate.

After, everyone was invited back to our house for cake, gifts and visits from friends.

Monday ended up being far from a day off of work and Phil and I had to head back home early. (Two thumbs down.)

On the drive back, Phil said he wasn’t feeling so well and hadn’t been all weekend. Oh, awesome. Not two hours later we were home with the flu/sinus infections. Yes, it was a lovely time. We were down for the count.

Tuesday was spent working from the couch side-by-side with our computers on our laps and kleenex all around. Hotness.

The older I get, the harder it becomes to balance all of the moving pieces and parts of life. But, it was important to be at home with my family to celebrate my mom, Natalie and my sister and brother-in-law. Life is far from perfect, but moments like these make the chaos seem worth it.




2 Responses to “Birthdays, Baptisms and Bugs”

  1. Elle February 26, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    Your younger sister looks very familiar. Does she go to state? Congratulations on being Godparents! She’s an adorable baby 🙂

    • BalancingB March 12, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

      No, she actually went to U of M and is my older sister 🙂

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