The Little Things in Life

27 Feb

Howdy and happy Monday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine, it was ok. Only ok? Yea, it was ok…and that’s a good thing – it’s all about balance. This weekend I was home, no visitors, no huge plans, no chaos – finding my groove again. I wasn’t bored, I wasn’t busy. I saw friends, I laid low. I went out, I baked and cooked. It was finally a weekend of ‘normalcy’.

Friday started with a call from the hubs asking me what it feels like to have an ear ache. Ummm, you would know because those SOBs hurt. Low and behold, he broke down and went to the docs to discover he had a ear ache and a sinus infection. **Fun weekend!**

I left work a little late but stayed determined to hit the gym since Phil was trying to catch a few zzzs. It wasn’t anything amazing, but I got it done. After, I cleaned up and we took off for dinner and a movie date. We decided to see This Means War, which was super cute and better than I thought it would be.

On Saturday, I set my alarm nice and early for a spin class. It’s been three weeks since my last class, it was time to get my spin on. I finished up by treating myself to my favorite Mocha Banana protein smoothie – seriously, you can’t make these even half as yummy at home.

My bestie/gym buddy recently moved so she has shifted to another gym location. It is very sad, I miss seeing her every morning and having that motivation. At her new gym, she has found a few great classes including a super intense yoga class Saturday mornings. I was on the fence about going as I would be gyming it for 4-5 hrs, but once I called home to see how Phil was doing and he was still asleep, I made my move and drove across town to see Katie. It was so great to be together again and let me tell you, that class was frickin hard as heck. Oh, and she turns up the heat. As if I didn’t want to cry before.

It was a glorious morning that I wrapped up with a trip to Whole Foods. ::Bliss::

When I returned home, I found Phil cleaning the house, crazy guy. I jumped in, tackled six loads of laundry including cleaning myself up – I was a hot mess.

Saturday night was spent eating leftovers and watching the Body Guard. Phil passed out before 9pm. Sweet.

I suggested a morning out of the house on Sunday, so we wandered over to Einstein bagels for some eats and joe followed by some errands and a much-needed trip to the grocery store. And then, a beautiful thing happened, I finished my book and took a nap. Yes, I relaxed. I have not had a day off of work for three weeks – but this weekend, I never looked at my phone, email, nothing. I went through some withdrawals and was still a bit testy, but at least I wasn’t spending hours at my computer on a Saturday.

Around four we got ready and headed out to meet up with some friends at Fishbones, one of my favorite places in downtown Detroit. We had an awesome dinner filled with laughs, wine and sushi. Perfection. Oh, and a trip to Yogurt Palooza happened – I had to use my Valentines gift card. 🙂


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