Everything’s Coming up Spring

5 Mar

Monday, we meet again. I’m not too sorry to see you, though. Odd? Maybe. But I’ve been working hard for months for an event that starts this week, and I’m ready to get this show on the road.

In other news, the weekend was a bit rocky, but there were some great moments.

Friday included a doc appt. (boo) but at least I got to peruse some good reads. I’m loving on decorating mags.

I ended up working way past dinner time, we ate late and I crashed two seconds later. Rockin fun Friday night, much like last week.

But, early to bed =early to rise. I woke up at 630a and fought every urge to run off to the gym. Every day I’m up at 530 rushing to the gym, not today. No, today was made for a pot of coffee and a movie. I rented What’s Your Number, which I’ve wanted to see for quite a while now. I love Anna Farris and she does not disappoint. It was the perfect relaxing and cute RomCom that I needed.

I also came downstairs to these beauties-

Ahhh, spring.

Another great thing about sitting around for two hrs, plenty of time for your pre-run fuel to digest.

The weather was lots of nasty, so I headed to the treadmill for my first half marry long run. I forgot just how awesome it feels to complete a goal. I was on top of the world.

That afternoon we headed north to visit with Phil’s family. On the way we did some shopping, hello spring.

We visited with the family, laughed over and dinner and then had to leave my peanut at grandmas house. He’ll be visiting for two whole weeks, tear. 😦

Sunday morning was full of action. After shopping on Saturday, I was inspired to do some redecorating. We swung the furniture around and I think we have a winner. The room feels so much warmer and cozy.

I hit up the gym for some cardio and my favorite yoga class. Afterwards it was time to tackle the errands. Phil was off helping his cousin move, but we made plans to meet back home at 4pm for tip-off. My beloved Spartans were playing for the Big10 Championship. Unfortunately, they didn’t pull it off. It was a tough break.

The weekend wrapped relaxing and enjoying some homemade stuffed peppers care of Skinny Taste and relaxing with my boys.

Now it’s time to take on the week. Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday.




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