Painting, Bowling and (Hunger) Games

26 Mar

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend, I know I did, so let’s get to it!!

When I got out of work, I went to pick up my main man who had his hair did.

You handsome devil.

Friday night started with about the best thing ever – spending time with our friends. We had a b-day party and made plans to double date to dinner before hand. I didn’t take any pictures because one hand had to hold the wine and the other was flailing around while I was talking. 🙂

We headed over to get our bowl on and meet up with the rest of the party. Again, few pictures as now I was dealing with a 10-lb ball and a pitcher of beer.

Please note the STRIKE next to player B. Yes, I am the worst bowler, so it was important to document this event.

iPhone + crappy bowling alley lighting = ghost girls.

It was just what this girl needed.

Despite our late night, I still woke up super early. What’s with that?!

I crept downstairs for some coffee, DVR and mail sorting. Once Phil woke up I was juiiiiced and suggested we beat all the lame-os still sleeping and hit up the movies. Nothing like the Hunger Games at 10am! He agreed, probably thinking it would be the only place where I might be a little quiet 🙂

I read the entire series a while back and have been anxiously awaiting the movie. I am pretty sure Phil knew he couldn’t keep me out of the theatre for long.

Ok, let’s get real for a second as I let you in on the best kept secret go to the first show of the day. let’s recap:

  • No urge for a tub of popcorn as big as my head in the am. Rather, we each had a coffee, (yes, I had more).
  • No crazy prices. Love the $5 before 5pm deal.
  • Lots of seat options.
  • Everything is super clean, including the bathroom.

The movie was FANTASTIC! I loved it mainly because it stayed true to the book and the casting director did an awesome job.

After the movie we grabbed lunch and headed home for my date. A date with the Sherwin Williams lady.

So, SW has this awesome program, if you purchase a $75 gift card, you can have a free in-home color consultation. Yes, please! A cute design major girl (Katie) came and spent an hour with me walking through the house picking out colors, talking style and gabbing about design. What a great program, I highly recommend.

Does anyone out there have an inspiration book? This is mine, I’ve had it since college…basically the old-school version of Pinterest.

I finally decided to tackle my long run for the weekend at this point and came home for dinner and some relaxing.

Sunday was another beautiful day.

Sorry for the off-balance pic, this time I was holding my Starbucks. 🙂 

I had a few errands to run including a trip to the grocery store. Phil came with and was supper excited when he spotted the free wine samples. Classy.

Later in the day while Phil finished painting the dinning room, I took peanut on a walk I got my yoga on with Bethenny. It was a nice way to wind down.

We made dinner on the grill and enjoyed some vino and eats outside.

It was such a great weekend. Stay tuned, pictures from the updates coming tomorrow!!

Tell me why your weekend rocked.




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