Hit by a Tornado

28 Mar

Welcome to my life of chaos. This is what I came home to last night. Remember how we have painters coming to tackle our house this week? The fun never ends at the Guster household!

I am super excited to have the house painted, but the process might give me an anxiety attack.

Can you spot little Hanks?

I suggested staying at a hotel, but Phil wasnt on board.

So, our beautiful new dining room is now housing furniture from around our house.

The painters came over bright and early this morning and got to work. We are having our hallway, stair case, front room, office, master bedroom and family room painted. And according to these guys, it will all be done by Friday. (Better you than me, my friend.)

For the next three days Phil and I will be guests in our house, moving to the guest room and using the guest bathroom. Maybe it will feel like the vacation I have wanted to take?? 🙂 Now, a smart woman would have had the kitchen painted so we had to go out to dinner, too. 🙂

Between Phil’s dining room and the painters, our house should be all painted by time I get home from work on Friday! Yahoo!


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