Noodles for a Cause

30 Mar

Last night I was a bit nervous to come home Phil had text me to say the painters were done – time to see the finished product!!

I am in love with the colors and am so happy we decided to have this done.

I also needed to hurry home because we had an appointment with a landscaper. The previous home owners did very, VERY little with the house, so we’re working extra hard to get everything back in good condition.

After the meeting we had an event to attend, so we quick ran out the door at 8pm for dinner and a good cause. Noodles and Company was sponsoring the National Kidney Foundation. For every bowl sold, a portion of the bill was going towards the foundation.

We also put our names into the raffle for Noodles for a Year.

And signed up for a benefit walk in May. I am really excited because it is taking place at the Detroit Zoo. At my first job out of college, my agency did the advertising for the zoo, so we always received free passes. Phil, on the other hand has never been to the zoo. So, it will be a win-win!

Phil ordered one of the new Mac and Cheese bowls

And I went with the Med Salad (big meals late at night does not sound good).

What did sound good was some chocolate!! I’ve made a pact with myself to not keep ice cream in the house as a staple any longer. It was becoming too much of a routine rather than a craving. Last night the craving came loud and clear.

Although both of our favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip, I wanted chocolate all the way.

It was a busy but great night; we managed to fit in our appointments, support a cause and spent and hour talking over dinner.

Friday started on the right foot – with a solid workout. When I came home, I smelled some amazing aromas coming from the kitchen. Look what I found!
Omelets! PG is home today and treated me to a special breakfast. Food with out a cause taste delish, too. 🙂

Happy Friday all!



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