Watch Out Tiger

16 Apr

Happy Monday, strangers. I hope you all had a great, great weekend! Let’s take a trip back through mine.

On Saturday, I got up nice and early for a spin class I haven’t seen in months. It felt good to move in a different way besides running.

Post spin, I spent some time sipping coffee, catching up on Big Bang and snuggling on the couch with the boys. Much needed.

We headed out in the afternoon to tackle some errands, one of them being very important – picking up Phil’s birthday gift from me.

Phil’s gift dream was a new set of golf clubs. We headed over to Carl’s and took some clubs out to the range to give them a whirl. After a bucket of balls, Phil made his decision and left a happy camper!!

He immediately ran home like it was Christmas to open them and play in our yet-to-be decorated front room:) He even had the brilliant idea of not decorating the room so he could practice his swing. Nice try.

I’m not a golfer by any stretch of the imagination, so with me spending all of this time running, I’m happy that pg has a new hobby, too.

On Sunday,I woke up ready to tackle another long run in my training plan. I have been knocking off my training days one by one and am proud of my dedication and improvements. Nine sweaty miles thanks to some very humid weather.

After refueling and cleaning up, we headed out to meet Phil’s mom for coffee about an hour north. She recently took a trip to Vegas and I had yet to get the details. I really enjoy spending time with Kathy; she is hilarious and is so much like Phil…it’s like I have two of them at once!

We could only visit for a short while because we had a special someone’s birthday to celebrate today. Our godson turned 2!

The whole party was decorated in Cars theme, it was a great afternoon.

After a few hours, we had to jet home for an appointment with our landscaper/designer. He brought over the sketches for our backyard remodel. To say I am a little excited would be an understatement – these drawings are amazing. He started talking about adding a seperate seating area much like they have in Paris and I was a gonner. 😉

The rest of the night was spent planning and researching….we’re going on a road trip!! We have today to make it through and then tomorrow am we are hitting the road bright and early. I CANNOT WAIT!



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