Tupelo Honey

18 Apr

Hello from North Carolina!

We took off bright and early yesterday, coffee in hand, a full tank of gas and a suitcase in the trunk. Our destination – Asheville, NC. Our friends had visited the area a year ago and highly recommended for the beautiful mountains and hiking trails.

The drive went very smooth; we took a few breaks for lunch and WiFi care of Chick-fil-A.

We arrived in Asheville around 8pm and thanks to some prior research ended up at Tupelpo Honey in the heart of downtown. The restaurant was very cute, cozy and just quirky enough. They specialize in southern comfort food with a twist.

Thanks to an awesome server she told us the best of the best to try. I started with an Apricot beer that was phenomenal. It was very light with just a hint of fruit.

Phil had a local beer.

You know you are in the south when you get biscuits instead of bread to start. The biscuits were light, fluffy and arrived warm with sides of homemade grape jelly and Tupelo honey – duh. 🙂

For dinner, I had a homemade blackbean burger that had a nice crisp outside and a soft inside.

Phil had a Po Boy with fried green tomatoes that was out of this world.

It was a long day, but fairly relaxing.


Today started with a hard-interval workout on the treadmill followed by a fantastic breakfast buffet that is included in the price of our room. Bonus!

They have a create-your-own omelette station, so I dug right in.

It is fairly rainy out today, so our plans of a hike are on hold so we’ll see what trouble we can get into.

Catch you later!




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