A True Wilderness Girl

23 Apr

Oh what a day we’ve had on Thursday.

Did you ever see the movie Troop Beverly Hills? My day was very similar…

We woke up bright and early so we could tackle the day. It was hard to believe, but it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Asheville. Man that time FLEW by! Once we were loaded up, we grabbed breakfast and coffee to go we had a morning of hiking in front of us!

The entire reason for stopping in Asheville on the way to our destination was to hike. For some reason this was my big thing. Phil managed to translate ‘hike’ into ‘search for waterfalls’. While I am the trip planner, he said he would take on the ‘hike’.

When I asked him about his plans, it is not an understatement to say I was confused. “Why are we driving around looking t waterfalls?”

“I thought that’s what you wanted to do.”

“No. I don’t wan to drive around, get out of the car, take a picture and then get back in the car to drive to the next one. I want to HIKE. You know, exercise?!”

We quickly realized we had no plan for the day. After some quick work, we thought we had a game plan. After two hours of confusing twists and turns through the Blue Ridge mountains, we arrived at Gorge National Park.

We decided to take the ‘strenuous’ 3-mile path.

Approximately two steps down the trail I realized there was a huge likelihood that there might be a snake encounter. I randomly started screaming and asked to leave. Phil looked at me like I had finally lost it. After four hours of planning and driving, he was not about to leave. Phil is getting wiser by the day with me- he quickly switched sides of the trail and said they would run the other way I the heard us. I somehow believed him and decided to walk as loud as possible to scare the snakes. 🙂

The weather was great, mid sixties and just a bit muggy following the day and a half of rain. When we reached the end, we were met with the best sight- a HUGE waterfall! A great reward for a fairly difficult hike thanks to muddy trails, steep inclines and slippery rocks.

It was really fun to get some fresh air and be alone with your own thoughts. Not to mention the lovely hair-do I got thanks to 90% humidity!

After our adventure, it was time to turn our sights on Charleston. Thank goodness we had it all planned out and rolled into town right at 5:20, with the local rush hour traffic.

At 6pm, we had arrived – the Wild Dunes Resort. Again, we made reservations prior to leaving, but when we arrived, no one seemed to know anything of it. Lovely.

After three employees, 40 min on hold with reservations (they never answered) and finally a manager, we were able to get a room. I was tired, upset, a mess from the hike and rain and really about to drive back to the Mitten. It was NOT a good night.
The manager did his best to make the situation right and put us up in an three-bedroom condo on the ocean (first night free), covered dinner at the fine-dinning restaurant and hooked us up with $75 at the onsite market.

It was a long, long day. We finally saw our room at 8pm (our plan was to arrive at 4 and be out the door at dinner at 6).

We were tired, dirty and beaten down. But, Mr. Optimism suggested we get a second wind and head out. And that we did. We found ourselves at Sesame Burger and Beer – a hole in the wall to say the least. (Good thing we didn’t waste time showering.) But, they make some killer eats!

I went with the Hawaiian salad that was honestly one of the best salads I have ever had (and as big as my head).

Phil went for the slidders trying a few (grilled onion with cheese, ham and pineapple and the chili burger).

After a crazy day in the wilderness, sometimes a girl just needs a drink! It was a wild, wild day, but Charleston seems to have a quiet beauty that we are looking for. More to come!




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