Charelston and a Road Trip Home

26 Apr

Unfortunately, we reached the end of our time in Charelston.

We spent a little bit of time Sunday morning taking in the views of the ocean before getting on the road to start the 14-hr drive home.

But, before we go, here is a look at our condo! It was a three bedroom, three bath, full kitchen with a full balcony. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the master bedroom and bath that were honestly the best part. Take a look-Guest bedroom #1 and bathroomGuest bedroom #2 (that turned into our closet for the trip).Full kitchen that looked into the livingroom and out to the water.Living room.Patio (seating outside of living room and a table off the master bedroom).To the left, you could see the other condos on the beach.The trip home was long and a bit soggy.

We made a few stops; two for food, one bathroom and one for gas when we had a little adventure. After Phil filled up and went to pull away we realized our lights didn’t come on. We pulled over, popped the hood and pulled out the manual. Everything in the car worked but the headlights. Now, Phil is no mechanic, but he has worked in the automotive world his whole career and is very handy, but we could not find the problem.

After 10 minutes, we decided we had two options; drive home with our brights or call AAA. Since we were only 1.5 from home, we went with option A and pushed on. We arrived home at 1:30am – not too bad!

The next day Phil took the car in and as it turns out, both headlights had blown! Can you believe it?! I am just so, so grateful that it happened so close to home so we could make it the final stretch.

I am so grateful that we were both able to take the time for ourselves; to jump in the car (honestly, we thought about this for about a week tops) and just drive. Following a very difficult run of six months filled with loss, we needed to find some answers, be quiet with our thoughts and be happy again. Charelston gave that to us, and for that it will always be a special place.

Thank you to Lindsay and Phil for the recommendation to visit and stay at the Wild Dunes! We would totally recommend this trip and resort to anyone looking to relax and have a great vacation.

And now, back to reality!




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