He’s Back!!

26 Apr

Look who’s back! Henry had a slumber party at grandma’s house while we were out of town. I was so, so excited to see him, he makes me smile every day 🙂 After a few days of chipping away, we are starting to make progress unpacking, but this house needs a little TLC- we still have Easter decorations up! The Little Things During our trip, Phil and I realized how much we had been forcing ourselves to function; go to work, go to the gym, make dinner, etc. everything was robotic and forced- I think we were just trying to find a way to make it through the pain and sadness. We have decided to slllllloooow down. We are busy, busy bees at heart (Phil can barely sit through a TV show), but we are trying to hold back just a bit. It’s important to live in the moment and not two steps ahead…at least not all the time. I was grabbing a coffee and decided to sit down and enjoy a few sips. Small steps people. But I tasted my coffee, took a breath and then got on with my day. Hope you’re having a good one! XO- BB








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