Lucky Strike

2 May

Last weekend, we were back in the swing of things post-road trip.

I started out Saturday with my long run that went really well. I felt strong and even had a brief moment when I debated tacking on another mile, but thought better of it. The last thing I need is an injury! So, I stuck to the training plan’s recommended 10 miles.

Post sweat, I headed home to clean up and refuel before heading out to meet up with some of my favorite gals. I had a coffee date with Katie and Claire, two of the marina girls who are nothing short of a great time. Katie is getting married in July so we spent a decent amount of time ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘awe-ing’ over her dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and other big day details.

My legs were starting to bother me and I just enough time to catch a quick nap before our evening plans. As a side note, this is the first time I have experienced any post-run pain. I think I was pushing it too hard and needed to give my body time to reset from the run. But if there are any smarty-pants out there who have insight, please share.

We headed out to Lucky Strike, a local restaurant/game/bowling/pool/club (it really is a jack of all trades, huh?) to celebrate Kate’s birthday!

I am not great at bowling, but really love it. And this time I had two major milestones; not one gutter ball and I broke 100!! Look out. Next thing you know I’ll have my own ball and glove.

I spent a significant part of the evening at the Skee Ball machine, my favorite game.

We had a great time acting like kids. Who doesn’t love smacking ground hogs and winning cheap prizes?! 🙂

Sunday was filled with pancakes, yoga, naps and yard work. We tried our best to relax after a packed Saturday.

It was a great weekend that was a perfect balance – my favorite kind!




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