Living in Healthland or Denial? What’s Your Address?

3 May

As a health enthusiest and sometimes nut, I am always striving towards a healthy lifestyle (read, diet, but we aren’t supposed to say that word anymore. Ugh, politics.).

There are three rules I stick to:

  • 80/20 – so, eat healthy most of the time with a few others that are outside of the box. Hey, sometimes a girl needs a cookie!
  • RWYA – Remember What You Ate is a biggie and a no-brainer that a lot of people don’t do. If it is time to plan dinner, think about what you ate earlier in the day. Did you have any veggies at lunch? Maybe you should add a salad to dinner. Did you have lean protein? Maybe some chicken or fish is better than grabbing a burger at your favorite restaurant. Not every meal needs to be perfect, but working towards a daily balance is always my goal.
  • This or That – several times we are faced with options that ‘seem’ to be healthy, but might not be.

Time had an article that took a deeper look at these foods or even diet mentalities. A big one right now is jumping on the Gluten Free train thinking that doing so is healthy, when the reality is people only need to do so if they have been diagnosed  with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. In fact, gluten-free products are often processed and contain high amounts of sugar.

Frozen yogurt is another culperate. Those dishes and toppings add up fast! Now, I am not suggesting giving up the fro-yo, but it is important to do a gut check and decide if we want dessert. If the answer is yes, decide what you want. Do you honestly like a scoop of the real stuff better? Don’t fill yourself with something that doesn’t satisfy. It is not about the calories at that point. No one should be heading to the yogurt machine thinking that it doesn’t count. So, if you don’t want it, don’t eat it.

As one of my favorite gals Bethenny says, if you want something, have it. Own it. Eat some, taste it, enjoy it and walk away. Too often our minds think we are in healthy land, while our bodies are showing otherwise.

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