Spray Paint, Signs and Runs

5 May

Hola y feliz Cinco de Mayo.

Are you impressed with my six years of spanish? Yes, I am almost fluent. Clearly.

I am blogging from a horizontal position – I tackled my longest run yet this morning and am doing a little R&R.

But, to back up, on Thursday night, we had our landscaper come over to show us a revised design for our yard. We’ve met with him twice, and this time, we finally decided on a plan.

Next step was to ‘visualize’ the plan. Bring out the spray paint!

We now have some awesome orange lines on our lawn, but we’re really excited for this to start to take shape!

Last night, we decided it was an ice cream night, I guess we can thank the 86 degree weather for that. We arrived at the local ice cream shop a few minutes before 9pm. Thank goodness because two seconds later, a worker came up and asked a favor –  if Phil held the sign below and didn’t let anyone in line behind him, he could get a free treat. Done!

And if we’re talking free, you better go big!


As I mentioned, I took on my longest run EVER this morning. I was super, super nervous for my run – 12 miles. The longest I have gone prior is a 10 miler about three times. I had butterflies and was doubting myself – to be honest, the run almost didn’t happen.

It was time to believe in myself, what’s the worst that could happen? The best that could happen, run the full 12….and I did.

Part of my nervs were thanks to feeling pretty crappy after last weekends run. I was anxious about refueling, stretching and my need to rest my body the rest of the day. But, today has been going really well. So far I have enjoyed a great lunch, taken in We Bought a Zoo (super cute with a bit-o-cheese factor) and did some online shopping. The legs and bod are feeling good.

Phil is golfing all day today, so I am a free bird. Thinking a walk with the pooch needs to happen soon and who knows what else this day holds. What I do know is that I will not be running around, bowling, dancing, etc like last weekend. Lesson learned!

Hope you are having a great Cinco!




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