Feeling Like a Kid Again – Mall of America

18 May

After a day of learning, my coworker suggested we take advantage of our proximity to the Mall of America. Ok, twist my arm 😉

It was my first time to the mall mecca and it was a sight to behold.

We spent a few hours taking laps exploring. Our favorite shops and stops?

1. American Girl

This was by far the highlight of the trip; Jenna and I both realized we had AG dolls growing up and proceeded to explore the two-story shop like little girls. We went through the first floor which is now filled with customizable dolls. What?! You can have your AG doll look like you. I was not a fan, to me, that is not the essence of the brand.

Downstairs is where they keep the AG dolls that we remember. I am a Samantha and Jenna had Kirsten (just like my sister)! We ran around looking at the dolls (Addy, Molly, Josephine) with all of their books and accessories. We shared stories of loving these dolls, playing with them, reading their tales and dreaming of owning all of their outfits.

I love AG, the premise behind the dolls is so smart- creating dolls that are fun-loving girls with stories that transcend decades in turn teaching us history and how we are different yet the same.

We debated finding some random dolls to eat with, but realized we had gone too far and left asap. 😉

2. Lego Land

I cannot begin to explain how cool these status were – they are perched on top of the shop and are gigantic. Just to give you an idea, the blue robot is over 34 feet tall!!

We spent 10-15 min just looking at the displays and all of the detail. Very impressive. Now, that would be a cool job!

3. Amusement Park

The mall was honestly nothing all that spectauclar, you can find the stores in any mall across America, however, the amusement park was too cool for school. The center of the mall was a huge open space that literally had an amusement park stacked, twisted and crammed into. Honestly, this is a kid’s dream come true…ok, we were impressed as well.

I am so glad we went, I totally felt like a kid again!

The next day was more learning and then I got on my way home. Finally. I feel like I have been all over the place lately, which I don’t mind and this round of travel was very interesting and exciting with lots of new places to explore. However, there is nothing quite like going home.




One Response to “Feeling Like a Kid Again – Mall of America”

  1. Jenna June 14, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    Jamie just shared this with me. 🙂 I looooove it!

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