Making the Most of May

22 May

What is it about the warm weather that makes the weeks feel like they start flying by? How are we half-way through May??!?

On Friday, I worked from home. Between two weeks of traveling, last weekend being jammed packed and having lots of plans this weekend, I needed to sllllooow down. I LOVE working at home, which is odd since I love where I work and my coworkers. But I like the freedom of working on my own terms. For example, I was up and getting to it at 6:30am. Now, you will never catch me at work that early, but I like to get up, do some work with my cup of joe and then take a break (usually a walk with Henry) and then get back to it.

I have found myself to be WAY more productive working at home. Do any of you have flexible work schedules? I am convinced this guy makes my day 🙂

The neighborhood is hosting a huge garage sale today and tomorrow, so we enjoyed all of the people (someone is an attention whore). 😉

After a solid afternoon of work, I headed out for a run. It was smokin hot and those six miles were brutal. When I returned home I had enough time to get in a quick shower before our first visitor arrived. Phil’s mom was visiting for the weekend.We enjoyed some amazing filets, a bottle of wine and a bonfire. Nothing like lying low and relaxing on a beautiful night.On Saturday, we hung around the house enjoying a pot of coffee and watching New Years Eve. Have you seen this movie? As much as my mind was telling me this is going to be a repeat of the Valentine’s Day mess, it was actually pretty good with some cute moments and solid cameos (hello, John Bon Jovi). Henry went to get his hair cut, so we spent the day shopping, walking through downtown and eating lunch outside.

Long story short, after six hours of waiting I decided my dog had been held hostage long enough and went to rescue him. We love the place that Henry gets his hair cut, and they are usually so good – we’ve gone for over three years. But this weekend, they were way off and I do not appreciate my dog sitting in a kennel three times longer than usual. So, once I finally got him, we decided someone deserved a treat.



Phil rode home with his mom because we store his motorcycle at her house during the winter. So, as of Saturday I have lost my parking spot in the garage. Oh well. It’s for a good cause. 🙂


Later that night we had a wonderful time visiting with my brother and new sister-in-law to be!!! That’s right, Shane and Nichole were in Florida vacationing for a week and he popped the question! Yay! Phil and I are so excited for these two – they are simply a perfect pair. During their 20+ hour drive home they were able to stop by our house for the night – we spent hours chatting about the vacation, proposal and everything under the sun. I love these two, they are so fun and balls of energy; we never have a shortage of things to talk about.

We stayed up nice and late, it seemed like there wasn’t enough time. On Sunday morning, Phil and I took off for the Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo and Shane and Nichole got on the road to finish their final stretch home.

The rest of the day Sunday was spent at Somerset doing some shopping for my first half marathon that is this coming Saturday! Wow!

Nothing like a trip to Lulu 😉20120522-083359.jpg

We enjoyed some sushi outside (again, see a trend?) and then headed home so I could get in my final long run in my training plan. I was excited to knock it off of my training plan. Looking back, it is hard to believe I have completed 10 weeks of training. Of course, we needed to celebrate! Not that I need a lot of convincing to get on the bike and eat frozen yogurt. 😉

It was a great weekend filled with warm weather, wine, shopping, lots of friends and family – perfection.

Hope you all had a great weekend!





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