Restaurant Repeat

29 May

Yesterday morning after my nice long walk, I made some breakfast an sat down with the family to watch Hugo. I have been really interested in actually seeing this film base on its awards and recognition.

I thought it was interesting; definitely different than I though. Have you seen it?

We pulled ourselves together and headed downtown for lunch. Although there are some great eats in TC, we ended up back at Amical!

The meal wrapped with a few of their amazing desserts;  carrot cake, key lime pie (the best!) and raspberry creme brulle.



After we had our sugar buzz on, we did some shopping and headed down to the marina to see Shane and say goodbye.

We headed home in the early evening and were lucky enough to have clear roads.

The weekend was awesome, I can hardly believe I ran my first marathon! And my amazing husband surprised me with a pair of diamond earrings as a congratulations. He totally took me off guard and said some sweet words before setting a beautiful purple bag down. I feel so lucky to have so much support from my husband, family, friends and all of my Twitter friends. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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