A Housiversary

2 Jun

Happy Saturday, everyone! It is the weeeeeekend! <doing my own dance party>

I am so pumped for this weekend, more than usual and I kept thinking to myself, “what is so different about this weekend?” Can you guess? That’s right, no long run! The half-mary is behind me and I fully intend to enjoy this Saturday morning sans alarm clock for the first time in months.

It is almost sad how excited I am. Did I dread training that much? No. Did it inconvenience me that much? No. So, what is with the excitement? Maybe it is knowing that those months of training paid off and I completed one of my life goals.

We had plans to be out of town this weekend, but I begged Phil to reschedule so we could stay home; between my travel and his and our busy lives, I need some R&R in my own home. Do you ever feel that way, where you just want to be around your own things. So, we adjusted and are staying home.

Maybe part of my urge comes from a very exciting time that has come around – one year ago we moved into our house!!

I can hardly believe it has been that long, the time has flown by. It was exactly one year ago that we signed our papers the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, had a celebration lunch and then drove up to Traverse City for the Bayshore (I ran the 10k last year). The following weekend we moved into our beloved home.

And now here we are again, but this year with a half under my belt, so many amazing memories, updates and projects have happened. We have celebrated birthdays, promotions, holidays have had visitors, friends, family fill our home, met our wonderful neighbors and really have become part of the community. I love our house (seriously, I want to give it a hug). It has brought me a sense of peace – I feel grounded. I have a place to focus my energy, it is a warm home that has a ‘door always open’ policy, a home filled with laughter and dreams.

With our third anniversary arround the corner and our first house anniversary upon us, this Saturday I am taking in the goodness that is in my life. The goodness that is my life.




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