Stepping Away and Gaining Perspective

5 Jun

Following the half marathon, I have seen a huge change in my attitude towards working out. I find myself leading a more ‘balanced’ lifestyle. Honestly, I was always stressed about what I was eating (too much, not enough, the right foods at the right time?!) vs. how much I was running. I gained weight despite not changing my diet too much – it was frustrating. I felt controlled by running at times, overwhelmed and maxed-out. Not exactly what you want to sign up for.

Lately, I have been making a huge effort to get outside on my lunch break. My girlfriend and I schedule lunch walks – yes, we are officially ‘those’ ladies who wear tennis shoes with our corporate wardrobe. Oh well.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day and the to-do lists, but I am trying to get out two to three times a week. Taking a walk and chatting with a friend is the best mid-day refresher. Today, we headed out for a walk despite the overcast skies, the weather cooperated.






Yes, I am so fortunate to work on the water and have such an amazing view every day. It honestly never gets old or lost on me.

After work, I decided to try out a new Pilates class at the gym. For the last three plus years I have been going to yoga class with Katie and Kate at 8:15pm – never fail. And then, a month ago they changed the class!! It was devastating and I didn’t know how to react. I was hurt, angry, mad, confused….but, I finally decided to get a grip on my life and try the new class.

I also wanted to show you the new yoga strap I got to tote my cute new Lulu mat from my mom and dad. Running out the door and taking a pic with the iPhone, high quality pics here people. Only the best for you. 😉


Please note my phone minus the Kate case. Tear. It looks naked. Turn your eyes.

The class was really, really awesome. Sure, it was different – this was a pilates class and the other was yoga. So, there’s that. But, I still felt like I got a good workout; I toned, stretched and didn’t hate the instructor. Sounds like a winner!

Taking a new view on working out has been a breath of (much-needed) fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I knocked out a few miles the other day. But, integrating fitness and health into my life rather than being controlled by it feels oh so good. 🙂




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