A Summer Night with New Food and Old Rides

6 Jun

Look at the cute parade I saw this morning going to the gym.

Everyone is up and moving today! Once again, I got my workout on first thing in the am. I find it so much easier to ensure I make it if I go first thing before my mind and body know what hit ’em.

Last night, Phil and I tried out some fun new eats. About two weeks ago we were making our rounds of errands when we decided to stop into Omaha Steaks. A coworker told me about the great meat she stocked up on and was raving about the fact that the animals are grass-fed and all of that good stuff. Enough to get me in the door.

For Phil, all he saw was the sign that said ‘SALE’. 😉

Turns out, they had a special going on burgers to kick-off summer. And, as a first time customer, when you purchased a box of meat, you got two for free. Umm, hello, we were in.

After some negotiating, we landed on sirloin burgers, Greek chicken, pork chops and BBQ pulled pork.

We tried out the pulled pork this past weekend and were pleasantly surprised – the flavor was fantastic; sweet with a kick at the end. And there was a ton in the package (the box contained two packages).

Last night we broke into the chicken. Since it was already seasoned, we put them on the grill and let the grill-master do his thing. The flavor was amazing and the ingredient list is short and sweet, keeping it real over at Omaha Steaks, I like it. There was enough chicken leftover to make a salad for lunch, too.

After we finished, I begged Phil to take a bike ride. Phil has decided to take a stance AGAINST working out. He says I do enough for both of us. Of course he was kidding – I love that he is game for a good old fashion ride. We pulled down our bikes for the first time this season. Now please, don’t be jealous of our rides. We are hard-core and only use the best.

I think Henry was concerned that he was going to be left behind so he gave us his cutest look ever. Break my heart. And don’t worry, Phil didn’t do anything mean.

While I was getting on, I looked down and spotted this little surprise-

That is my bike registration from college at MSU. Ha! Yea, this bike and me, we have memories. 🙂

We rode our bikes around the neighborhood for almost an hour and then came home to relax with Mr. Henry.

Anyone else love riding bikes? We used to ride several times a week, but last year we were so busy with the move and new house, our bikes were neglected. I am hoping to do much more this summer.




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