Black and Yellow

7 Jun

TGITh! It’s one of those weeks where I am feeling every minute of every day. Is it over yet?! Ugh. So, I am taking the glass half-full approach it’s Thursday, which means its almost Friday. I think short weeks (last week) make the next long week unbelievably painful. Anyone else?

After suffering through the day (did I mention I’m trying to cut out most pop from my diet?) I was ready to collapse when I got home.

Since I knew Phil had a community meeting, we didn’t plan anything special for dinner, but I still wound up having a little something yummy.

For Easter, my MIL answered my prayers an got me a panini maker!!! I had yet to bust it out and decided to whip up a quick, warm meal – a BLT-AT…bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and turkey sandwich.

Everything came together quick and easy- just what we needed.

After Phil took off, I took care o the dishes and a few to-dos around the house. I was about to head out to run errands but then I decided that I needed to listen to my body and rest. The night was spent relaxing and catching up with the RHWOC annnnd, the return o the ladies from NY.

Did anyone else catch this week’s episode? Its odd to not see the standards (Jill, Alex and Kelly), but these new girls seem equally interesting and catty, so I’m hooked again.

The rest last night seemed to do the trick. I woke up extra early for a run outside. Since it was still dark out, I decided to rock my favorite ‘notice me’ outfit. Thanks to Shane and Nichole for keeping me looking food and safe out on the road!!


It looks like an amazing day- the weather is supposed to hit 80!! Yes, bring it, summer.



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