Not the Next Food Network Star

8 Jun

Well, my dreams are shattered. I realized that being a chef are probably not in the cards for me. Friday morning, while chopping my tomato, I decided to chop my thumb as well.


(Yes, I grabbed my phone and took a picture.)

I was all alone and kinda freaked out – so I called Phil on speaker. Poor guy works almost an hour from home and I think I really scared him.

This guy was a nasty one, it took 40 min of elevation and pressure for it to finally stop bleeding. However, once I started getting ready, the fun started all over again. Three bandades and two calls to Phil later, I was on the couch trying to behave myself by keeping my hand above my heart and steady. Things were going well, so I decided to do some work. Well, we have IM at work and Phil works for the same company, so as soon as I logged on he saw me. Busted. I was told to stop irritating my cut and let it heal. Oops. 😉

But, I guess he was right because this cut would not quit. The rest of the day was spent with on-again off-again bleeding an using all of my power to avoid stitches.

It was touch and go for the next 24 hours- I’m not so good at sitting still. 😉

But the best part? No stitches!! Thank goodness, I have never had one single stitch.

Have you ever had stitches? How many?



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