Thought for the Day: Making Lemonade

8 Jun

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.” —Jack Buck

For the past few weeks my stress level has been elevated (that is the nice way of saying I’ve been stressed out). 🙂 But all of this extra, added stress has also been enlightening. Over the past six months, Phil and I went through terrible loss, saying good-bye to five family members took a huge toll on our spirits. As you may remember, we took a trip to the Carolinas to clear our minds, make peace with the hand we were dealt and find a way to pick ourselves up and move on.

The stress we are facing now is difficult, sure, but I know I can handle it. These are words you would have NEVER heard from me in the past. The ‘old’ Brynn would have gone flying off the handle overwhelmed and crying about how unfair life can be. And you know what? It can be unfair.

But you know what? It’s kind of okay.

I know, that is weird to say. But, I need to keep everything in perspective – we are facing stress because we are adults, have a lot we are doing and responsibilities to deal with. I know I will be alright, that I am safe and that I have the love and support of my friends and family.

There is still some sadness. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel defeated. And that is to be expected. No one said this growing-up stuff would be easy. But, I am making the choice to accept what is happening, not fight it. Take what I am given and see the opportunity.

Now, who wants some lemonade?




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