Sunday Ritual

11 Jun

Are you a creature of habit? I find that I tend to repeat the same actions without even being aware I’m doing it.

When I’m home on a Sunday, I tend to fall into a routine that I never realized until last night.

So, what does my day look like? It is a back and forth of balance and productivity. I tend to do as much as I can to prep and get a leg up;

-chopping and dicing for meals during the week.

-laundry, including hand-washing my sports gear. Most goes in the wash, but I end up with a pile that I use sports detergent to wash by hand.
-a trip to the bucks. For some reason Sunday usually includes an outing including picking up the Sunday paper.
-prep for Monday! I set out my gym clothes and think about what I am going to wear. Dead serious. This can save me up to 20 min in the morning if I know what I’m rocking the next day.

-a nice dinner and walk with the boys.
-relaxing on the couch, which always includes some play time.


I am a late person…all the time. It’s really bad, so whenever I knock a few to-dos off my list an get ahead of the game, I always hope that it will get me where I need to be at least a little closer to when I should be there.

What’s your ritual? What’s your best time-saving tip?



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